NX Harm Reduced Cigarettes.

World’s 1st patented harm reduced cigarette biotechnology.   Clinically proven to satisfy without Nicotine and Tobacco.  Science and nature harmoniously integrated in 1 package.

NX contains a proprietary blend of organic herbs, spices and non-tobacco leaves.  Infused into NX is BotanicBoost, a patented nicotine alternative consisting of botanical tinctures with clinically proven satisfying results for smokers.  NX is non-nicotine and non-addictive.

Additionally, NX utilizes another patented reduced toxicity filter biotechnology.  NX Reduced Toxicity Filter (RTF) uses a patented biochemical substance to attract more toxins created during combustion that cause cancer and heart disease. RTF is a superior filter alternative proven in independent clinical lab tests to reduce 75% MORE toxins as compared to the industry standard Acetate filter.  Results documents 52% additional reduction in mutagenicity; and 23% additional reduction in carbon monoxide. RTF uses a patented biochemical substance to attract more toxins created during combustion that cause cancer and heart disease. (Click Here for more information.)

NX Green – Minty Fresh Menthol Flavor.  Familiar Flavor With Performance.

*NX Red – Innovative Tobacco Flavor. Blending flavor dimensions of Virginia Flue Cured, Turkish, and hint of “Surprise”.

*NX Blue – Refreshing Berry Blend.  Reminiscent Of Popular Flavored Small Filter Cigars.

(* Currently undergoing consumer panel flavor feedback/refinement.  Contact Us if you wish to participate.)


Twig By Novus.

When you are not able to light up an NX (in subway, buses, etc. and areas prohibited by legislation), use Twig!  Powered by the same biotechnology.

Twig is a completely new and innovative product category. Not a combustible cigarette, and not an electronic cigarette.  Familiar in look and feel, with the exact tactile touch and mouth feel as combustible cigarette.  Twig has no nicotine, no tobacco, no smoke, and no batteries. Simply remove from pack and inhale. Do not light.

Twig is infused with the same patented nicotine alternative BotanicBoost biotechnology, that is extracted from 100% natural and FDA GRAS (safe for food consumption) herbs and spices.  No chemicals or artificial ingredients.  The process by which BotanicBoost works is based on the inventor’s deep understanding and expertise on the human function of the sensory system. (Technically called “Chemesensations”.)  BotanicBoost replicate nicotine’s effect on the central nervous system, achieving smoking satisfaction.  To learn more about BotanicBoost, visit the inventor’s website. (Click Here).

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eTwig By Novus.

BotanicBoost is the propietary platform biotechnology behind various products developed by and/or under license from Sentiens, LLC (www.sentiens.us).  Due to the popularity and rise of eCigarette nicotine delivery devices, 1Source is offering the eTwig which is an electronic version of the Twig.  It is nicotine FREE, powered by the same patented biotechnology of NX and Twig.  eTwig out performs any non-nicotine eCigarettes in the market!