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"Owner of the World's 1st Patented Harm Reduced Cigarette."

Our mission at 1Source is to be a one-stop source for healthy and harm reduced products to help you transition, quit and stay quit. Providing you with innovative and effective alternatives to tobacco and nicotine.  All without compromising taste, performance, quality and satisfaction.  At 1Source, we believe health and satisfaction are not mutually exclusive.

About 1Source

"Who We Are & What We Do"

Our driving focus at 1Source is to deliver the BEST non-tobacco and non-nicotine cigarette and non-combustibles in the market.  Utilizing the patented BotanicBoost technology licensed exclusively for NX. BotanicBoost has been clinically proven to satisfy like a cigarette without tobacco or nicotine.  NX also uses the patented Harm Reduced Filter Biotechnology that has also been clinically shown to remove many harmful particles from combustions.

We offer high quality products at competitive prices with prompt delivery and responsive service.

1Source develops and nurtures strategic relationships with global innovators committed to inventing and designing healthier and safer products and technology that include (but not limited to):

BotanicBoost – breakthrough alternative to nicotine through 100% natural biotechnology. (Click Here for more information.)

Reduced Toxicity Filters (RTF) – a revolutionary alternative to the usual acetate cigarette filters. The Reduced Toxicity Filter is a patented biochemical substance that attract and filters up to 80% MORE key toxins created during the combustion process that cause cancer and heart disease, but leave everything else (like the satisfying BotanicBoost) to pass through. (Click Here for more information.)

Time for a healthy, satisfying and smarter alternative!

NX when you can – Twig when you can’t!

"Powered By The Same Biotechnology"

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At 1Source, we believe that good people working towards a common goal can accomplish anything they set out to do.

In this spirit, we set our goal to be the very best at servicing the needs of our customers. Every order should be taken with this in mind. We also believe that we can achieve our goal only if we fulfill the needs of our people.

1Source looks forward to the opportunity to hear from you; and assist you with your unique needs & requirements.


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